club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline

Club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline


Introduction:América and Deportivo Toluca are two of Mexico’s most successful football teams. The rivalry between these two teams has been going on for many years. In this article you will find a timeline of the most important matches between Club America and Deportivo Toluca. We will examine the history of this rivalry, highlighting the key moments and memorable matches that have taken place over the years between these two teams. Immerse yourself with us in the world of Mexican football and the exciting rivalry between club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline

A brief history of the teams

Since their first meeting in the 1950s, América and Deportivo Toluca have shared a long-standing legendary rivalry. The teams met more than 100 times in official matches, with America winning just over half of those games.

Both Mexican teams have participated in some of the most thrilling games in Ligue MX history, including the five-goal thriller in the 2006 Clausura playoffs, when America won 5-4.

In recent years, the rivalry has been characterized by close matches and exciting moments. In the 2014 Apertura final, Toluca took a 1-0 half-time lead before America rallied and won 2-1 thanks to a last-minute goal from Rubens Sambuesa.

On April 29, 2017, the clubs will meet again, which promises another fierce battle between the two Mexican superpowers.

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Famous players of each team


Many great players have been on the field in the rivalry between Club America and Deportivo Toluca FC. Here are some of the most famous players on each team:

Club America:

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is a true legend of Club América, Blanco is the Mexican national team’s all-time top scorer and is considered one of the greatest Mexican footballers of all time. He spent 11 years at Club América, helping them win the 5th and 3rd CONCACAF Champions League titles.

Pablo Aguilar – Pablo Aguilar, currently captain of Club America, is a reliable defender who has been with the team since 2013. With Club América, he won 2 league titles and 1 CONCACAF Champions League title.

Oribe Peralta – Another América legend, Oribe Peralta is Mexico’s all-time top scorer. He spent 7 years at América, where he won 4 and 2 CONCACAF Champions League titles.

Deportivo Toluca

Antonio Carbajal – Nicknamed “El Cinco Copas” (“The Five Cups”), Carbajal has been a member of 5 World Cup teams for Mexico (1950, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966) and is one of only two players to have played

Latest results

Club América and Deportivo Toluca FC share a long-standing rivalry that dates back to the early days of both clubs. The two teams have met a total of 97 times, with America winning 43 of those encounters, Toluca 32 and 22 draws.

In recent years, the two teams have met more often in the League MX playoffs. At the Clausura 2014, they met in the quarter-finals and Club America won 3-1. At the 2014 Apertura tournament, they met again in the quarter-finals and Toluca won, this time with a 2-1 draw.

Recently, the two teams faced each other in the semi-finals of the 2015 Clausura tournament. This time, Club America won 5-3.

Given the long and rich history between these two Mexican powers, there is no doubt that their rivalry will continue for many years to come.(club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline)

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Both teams have a long history.

One of Mexico’s oldest sports organizations, Club América was established in 1916. They won six CONCACAF Champions Cups (now called as the Champions League) and twelve league championships. In 1986, only one Mexican team captured the Copa Libertadores.

The team has won four CONCACAF Champions Cups and ten league championships. Additionally, they lost both times they advanced to the Copa Libertadores final.

There were several matches between the two teams, most of which were won by Club America. Toluca has been more successful in the last two years, winning the league titles in 2017 and 2018.

Usually, Mexican football fans look forward to matches between these two teams due to their intense rivalry.

Competitions of the 1990s

In the 1990s, exciting matches were held between the clubs “America” and “Deportivo Toluca”. The two teams faced each other in various league matches, which made their rivalry even more intense.

One of the most memorable matches between the two teams took place on June 23, 1991 in the final of the Copa Mexico. Club América defeated Deportivo Toluca 2-0 thanks to goals from Luis Roberto Alves and Carlos Hermosillo. This victory secured América’s place as the winner of the Copa Mexico and added another trophy to their collection.

In 1993, the two teams faced each other in the final of the Mexican Primera División. The first leg of the final ended in a 2-2 draw, with both goals scored by Zaghe of the América club. In the first match, Deportivo Toluca FC won the match 3-2 and won the championship. The victory was particularly pleasing for Deportivo Toluca FC, who had lost the league to América the year before.

Another notable match took place on April 9, 1995, when America Deportivo defeated Toluca 6-2. América’s Cuauhtémoc Blanco scored twice in the match, while Deportivo Toluca FC’s Sergio Lira also scored a brace. The game was important because it showed the skills and talent of both teams and showed some of the most interesting players in Mexican football.

In general, the matches between Club America and Deportivo Toluca in the 1990s were marked by intense competition and high stakes. The rivalry between the two teams continued to grow, making every match between them a must-play for Mexican football fans.

Awards 2000

In the 2000s, the exciting matches between Club América and Deportivo Toluca continued, with the two teams facing each other in various league matches, exacerbating their already tense rivalry.

In 2002, the two teams met in the final of the Mexican Primera División. The first match ended in a 2-2 draw, both goals scored by Ivan Zamorano of the América club. In the first match, FC Deportivo Toluca won the match 3-1 and secured the championship.

Another notable match took place on November 4, 2007, when Deportivo defeated Toluca América 7-2. The match was historic, as it was the first time América had conceded seven goals in a single game. Deportivo Toluca FC’s Sergio Santana scored a hat-trick in the match, while Club América’s Salvador Cabañas scored both of his team’s goals.

In 2012, the two teams faced each other again in the final of the Mexican Primera División. The first leg ended in a 2-2 draw, with both goals scored by Cristian Benitez of the club América. In the first game, America won the game 2-1 and secured the championship. The victory was particularly pleasing for Club América, as it marked the eleventh league title and added to the long list of successes in Mexican football.

Special challenges: moments of brilliance

Throughout the chronology of the match between America and Deportivo Toluca, there have been moments of pure brilliance in front of goal. From distant howls to acrobatic volleys, the feud has seen many incredible goals in the football tradition.

One of those goals was scored by Cuauhtémoc Blanco, the legendary club from América, who scored a brilliant goal in the decisive match against Deportivo Toluca FC in 1998. The goal will be remembered by fans as a testament to Blanco’s unique talent.(club américa vs deportivo toluca f.c. timeline)


The chronology of the match “America” – “Deportivo Toluca” is a fascinating journey through the annals of Mexican football history. From its beginnings to the present day, this vendetta has been driven by strength, skill and unwavering approval. As the two clubs continue to compete on the pitch, their shared history and practice ensure that this fierce competition remains an integral part of Mexican football civilization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which non-league team is the oldest?

Sheffield Football Club is a Sheffield-based English football team. The oldest football club is not affiliated with any school or university. It was founded in 1857 and has a long history.

What is Club America’s biggest rival?

Club America’s main rival is Deportivo Toluca, as they have met several times before.

What is America’s record?

against Cruz Azul?

According to the record-breaking match between Cruz Azul and América, Cruz Azul has won 8 times and América 12 times in 32 encounters. A total of 12 matches between Cruz Azul and América have ended in a draw.

Final words:

Over the years, the rivalry between Club América and Deportivo Toluca F became more intense. The two clubs have met countless times. They are fighting for Mexico’s most successful team. With both clubs looking to dominate the pitch again, the upcoming match is likely to be lively and passionate.

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