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Double Pen


Dear pen fans, in this post I’d like to discuss the Lemmy CP1 ballpoint pen with dual function + adaptable pan, an experimental model of the well-known German company Lemmy. It is a dual-purpose pen that serves as both a ballpoint pen and a mechanical 0.5, as its name implies. If you’re wondering why it’s experienced, it’s because I’ve used this pen for about 13 years and it’s one of the handles I use the most. Mashalla, it hasn’t clicked once in all that time.(double pen)

These dual-function pens, in general, like to be loud and flashy, as if shouting from the outside that they are double functional. Contrarily, this Limmia is a straightforward pen with a very understated aesthetic. Unfortunately, he did not write like a donkey, as seen by the modest inscription in the clip’s margin. It has a 9 mm diameter and resembles a typical mechanical or ballpoint pen.

When Mr. Erdogan appeared in 1999, the manager’s ears perked up since he had previously ordered only black pens from America, despite how much he loved this hue.he didn’t want to be a copycat, so.The pen and pencils can be used by turning the pen’s top to the right or left. It is also simple to attach the pen to a purse or notebook thanks to the pen clip’s spring function.

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Brushed steel covers the body of the handle, making it a highly attractive and comfortable structure to hold.

Lemmy has used a lot of pencils, particularly the renowned Safari series. Mechanical pencils don’t sound all that great technically, but they are wonderful and admirable, so that’s okay. However, Alex is not one of those people. But one of my favorite types of spherical glasses is the spherical variety. It has very high-quality ink, each of which is explained in detail, including oil, blue, and black.(double pen)

Among Two Pens

Those who adore stationery are a contented minority. They have a brief but startling encounter with the world of fountain pens, ink, and paper. Although you can’t blow air out of an ink bottle, it initially begins with great enthusiasm and manages to solve the ink and paper problem (you’ll later realize how inappropriate it is to talk about ink and paper and how inappropriate this attitude is, but since our mental preparation for this situation is incomplete, we leave this part to other topics). But what about the fountain pan?

Which fountain pen is best, with which do you begin writing, and which do you purchase first? Am I trapped between a pelican’s beak and a Mont Blanc’s handle? Should I meet this Fabercastle or Skrix model, Sailor or Shaffer? What is superior? Pilot, Aquarius, Visconti, TWSBI, or Lami?

I frequently receive inquiries like these. We are initially in a state of confusion and uncertainty here. Some people seek assistance from others instead of trying to kiss all the ugly frogs to discover the prince, which is expensive because filling pots costs money (on the presumption that good fountain pens are expensive and truly good).There is a happy minority of people who adore stationery. They experience fountain pens, ink, and paper for a brief yet shocking time. The ink and paper problem is initially solved, even though you can’t blow air out of an ink bottle (you’ll later realize how inappropriate it is to talk about ink and paper and how inappropriate this attitude is, but since our mental preparation for this situation is incomplete, we leave this part to other topics). How about the fountain pan, though?(Egal, what these people say about their own experiences.)

What then do we do?

This uncommon, special pen that we fell in love with should probably be thrown away, in my opinion. Find something else that fits you.

Finding the ideal pen is like living a life of frustration. There is no such thing as a flawless human or machine, so there is no such thing as a perfect pen.

This means that the process that applies to every aspect of our lives is the same in the realm of writing, and vice versa. Information from other people is not necessarily widespread knowledge. We must first get to know ourselves.

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