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To help you perform at your best, Gorilla Mind develops cutting-edge supplements that use pure, premium ingredients in appropriate dosages. You can count on Gorilla Mind to deliver only the best, whether it’s cognitive-enhancing supplements like Gorilla Mind Smooth, nootropic-based pre-workouts like Gorilla Mode, Respawn, Gorilla Mode Smooth, Gorilla Mode Glycerol, Gorilla Dream and Gorilla Mode Nitric, or science-based goods like Turkesterone (Turk-Plex), Whey Protein Isolate, Lock & Load, and Creatine.

About The Brand

Derek was the one who established Gorilla Mind in 2017. To establish his business, he saved money while creating items for a firm that sold dietary supplements at the beginning of his career.

Derek started penning health and fitness pieces for his self-improvement company, More Plates, More Dates, in 2016. Shortly after, he started his own YouTube channel to talk about issues that many men encounter.

He then went on to start Gorilla Mind, which is currently among the top-performing manufacturers of nutritional supplements.

These days, Gorilla Mind mostly offers supplements that enhance mental capacity and performance.  Gorilla Mind Rush, one of Gorilla Mind’s best-selling nootropic pills, has recently gained a lot of attention. Recently, the product was taken off its website.

Concerns have been raised over its safety and whether or not its use was stopped because of potentially harmful elements.

The definition of Gorilla Mind Rush, its security, and brand alternatives are covered in this article. Now let’s get going!

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Anticipations for Gorilla Mind Smooth


Before I begin my in-depth work sessions, I usually take Gorilla Mind Smooth first thing in the morning. When I wake up and take it on an empty stomach, it begins when I sit down to work, which is approximately thirty minutes later.

After taking it, I saw the following, though your experience may differ:

In fifteen minutes: My thoughts seem to be concentrated on the current work. Additionally, I observe a minor improvement in focus and attentiveness. Numerous components raise acetylcholine, which improves blood flow and concentration, therefore it might be a placebo. Thus, it’s most likely not in my mind.

Within one hour:  My bloodstream contains the maximum concentration of each component in Gorilla Mind Smooth. Overall, I’m feeling fine right now. One of the less-talked-about benefits of nootropic supplements is mood enhancement, and Gorilla Mind Rush is a fantastic way to increase energy.

Upon 7-8 hours: I’m progressively getting back to my fundamental state. And by slowly, I mean.  Not having to worry about the caffeine failing makes the changeover seamless. Moreover, the half-life of one of the active components, Guseprin-A, is 10–14 hours. This indicates that it continues to have a discernible stimulating impact on acetylcholine even several hours after consumption. You won’t ever experience excessive anxiety, though, if there are no stimulants.

Upon incorporating Gorilla Mind Smooth into my daily routine, these are the principal advantages I have encountered.

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

The advantages of using Gorilla Mind

The most incredible advantage of using this dietary supplement is this. I feel incredibly content, joyful, and productive. To be honest, I’m not afraid and am usually upbeat, but GMS has made a big difference in how I feel.

It’s never what I would call euphoria. Instead, it’s a stronger degree of patience combined with an unstoppable optimism. This is *highly* different from what I’ve experienced with several other nootropics. Though I’m not easily angered, I found Gorilla Mind Rush and Onnit Alpha Brain to be less tolerable. This is probably because GMS utilizes a reasonable amount of saffron extract and L-tyrosine.

These two substances contribute to the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine. Given that most nootropics lack these two naturally occurring ingredients, this is a very welcome inclusion.Agree with GMS’s apparent position that happiness is a prerequisite for productivity.

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I continue to strive for physical fitness even if I’m not a professional boxer anymore. I,M never skip a workout, either. I hope that with my daily regimen, I won’t have to wait too long to get back into fighting shape.

Still enjoy going to the gym, but my drive isn’t as strong as it was when I worked there for a living. Here’s where GMS helps, as it gives me more energy and motivation.

I’ve discovered that GMS assists me with explosiveness and response time because I still spar. Honestly, the components that appear to be the cause of this are rather common in nootropic supplements, but as far as I can determine, The absence of any additional substances that are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is what distinguishes GMS from other supplements.

To get the most out of those lengthy, taxing sessions, I take 100 mg of L-Theanine to help me maintain my mental clarity and reaction time. I maintain excellent physical health by taking 600 mg of Alpha GPC, which increases growth hormone levels and fat oxidation.

It lets me get a little bit more out of my body, but it doesn’t make me Superman. Even though you might not think much of getting 5% more out of each workout in the near term, when you combine these workouts over a year, two years, or even five years, your body and mind will have changed significantly from where they are now. That being said, I wholeheartedly endorse GMS for anyone who aspires to be a competitive athlete or wants to advance their training. Use the Gorilla Mode pre-workout program for a significant increase in energy and focus.


Not only does GMS contain no stimulants, but the main difference between GMS and Gorilla Mind Rush is that GMS lacks the ingredient DMAE (a powerful acetylcholine enhancer) and 2-aminoisoheptane, a powerful stimulant that is considered a synthetic version of banned ephedra. As a result, this supplement is significantly less intense than GMR.

If you’re a stronger stimulant or a veteran of nootropics, you may simply not feel any effect from it. I find this especially true when I drink a lot of coffee because caffeine is such a powerful stimulant.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking for something lighter for your system. I wouldn’t confuse it with a game of chess if I was looking for an advantage, but I would use it to keep a good mood during the game.

If you expect GMS to make you feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless, that’s not the case. The effects are much more subtle. In contrast to other stimulant-heavy nootropics, I occasionally have trouble telling if the effects I’m feeling are placebo-induced or real cerebral stimulation. After using stimulants for a time, I am fully aware of GMS’s effects.

Gorilla Mind Rush: What Is It?


Undoubtedly, one of the most well-liked supplements in 2021 is Gorilla Mind Rush. It is frequently used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enhance performance, sharpen memory, and other benefits.

Founder of Gorilla Mind Derek spent years conducting significant study and testing before formulating it.

With its blend of natural nootropics, sometimes known as “smart cures,” Gorilla Mind Rush promises natural energy that doesn’t crash, all-day focus, and more. Its sales are comparable to those of pre-workout pills.

Gorilla Mind Rush is said to provide consumers with the best of both worlds by having effects akin to that of Adderall and Modafinil.

Gorilla Mind Rush appears to have been discontinued, despite stories about it still being available on Derek’s “More Plates More Dates” website and the Gorilla Mind website.

The product is no longer on sale, and there are no functioning links pointing to it on the Internet. I was unable to locate a current article written by Derek himself outlining the reasons behind the product’s discontinuation.

But it appears that there might be justification given the dubious chemicals that the FDA has advised against.

Many people doubt the safety of some of the chemicals in the well-known dietary supplement and are dubious about the site’s removal.

Advantages of Gorilla Mind Rush for Health

Gorilla Mind Rush users are said to have the following benefits, per their website: increased energy levels; improved mood; increased logical thinking; enhanced memory; laser concentration; mental clarity; increased creativity; and enhanced mood.

How Is Gorilla Mind Rush Taken?

The Gorilla Mind Rush packaging recommends taking three to six pills daily.  The pills can be spread out throughout the day, and taking them on an empty stomach is advised.

Derek suggests titrating the dosage gradually, starting with one or two tablets per day.

Make sure you read the product warning carefully before using more than six pills in 24 hours.

Additionally, Derek suggests not taking either Gorilla Mind Smooth or Gorilla Mind Rush and instead switching between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is suggested on the Gorilla Mind Rush package to take three to six pills per day.

The tablets are best taken on an empty stomach and can be spaced out throughout the day.

Derek advises beginning with one or two tablets per day and progressively increasing the dosage.

A product caution should be carefully read before taking more than six pills in 24 hours.

Derek also advises alternating between Gorilla Mind Rush and Gorilla Mind Smooth rather than taking one of the two supplements.

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