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What is the law of cruel reincarnation?

The law of gross reincarnation refers to the basic principle that regulates the process of rebirth and continuity of the soul. According to this law, after physical death, the soul enters a new body and begins a new life. Until the soul achieves spiritual enlightenment or liberation, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth continues.(reincarnation raw)

The spiritual meaning of the law of gross reincarnation

The law of gross reincarnation has a deep spiritual meaning and provides people with opportunities for personal growth, spiritual development, and karmic dissolution. It offers a broader view of the meaning of life and emphasizes the importance of the lessons, growth, and connectedness of all beings.

Discover the cultural perspectives of reincarnation

Reincarnation is not limited to one culture or belief system. It has found its application in various religions, philosophies, and spiritual practices around the world. Let’s examine a few cultural viewpoints on reincarnation:

Hinduism: Samsara and Moksha

In Hinduism, the oldest religion in which reincarnation is explicitly mentioned, the concept of samsara is a continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The ultimate goal is to break out of this cycle through moksha, to achieve liberation from the cycle of reincarnation, and to merge with the divine.

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Buddhism: The Wheel of Life

Buddhism also accepts the idea of reincarnation and presents it as part of the wheel of life. Rebirth occurs as a result of karma, in which individuals accumulate positive or negative actions that affect their future livesTo escape this circle, enlightenment or nirvana is the ultimate objective.

Ancient Egypt: The Journey of the Soul

The ancient Egyptians thought that the soul continued to travel after death.. They practiced mummification to preserve the body for the afterlife. The soul known as “Ka” continued to exist, allowing the deceased to live again in the next life.

The law of raw reincarnation is revealed


Evidence and case studies

Numerous accounts of past life memories, near-death experiences, and regression therapy sessions have provided a fascinating insight into the possibility of reincarnation. Although the scientific confirmation of these claims remains elusive, they continue to arouse the curiosity of researchers and individuals who want to understand the mysteries of the law of raw reincarnation.

Regression Therapy: Unraveling the Past

Regression therapy, a technique used in psychology and spirituality, aims to discover memories of past lives stored in the subconscious. Through hypnosis or deep relaxation, people are guided to explore their past lives and uncover connections, experiences, and lessons that go beyond their present existence.

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Near-death experiences: windows to other worlds

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are often associated with deep spiritual encounters in which people report the sensations of leaving their bodies, passing through spheres of light, and meeting deceased loved ones. These experiences offer tantalizing ideas about the continuity of consciousness after death and support the concept of reincarnation.

Memories of children’s past lives

Children sometimes vividly recall their past lives, often with accurate details and verifiable information about deceased people they could not have known. These cases, carefully documented and studied, provide convincing evidence of past lives and the law of gross reincarnation.

Raw’s Law of Reincarnation:

It’s not the same as saying “I love you” and maintaining a relationship. Not everyone thinks that love is easy. It goes through many ups and downs. The two protagonists Yoo Jin Ah and Ha Jin Won meet for the first time at their workplace. After a few days, Yoo Jin Ah and our hero Ha Jin Won become more romantic in their relationship. He again asked her to be the girl of his dreams, but unfortunately she refused.

The creator of this webcomic applies the simple law of raw reincarnation, having decided on the act of rejection. The transformation of reincarnation is the author’s way of creating such an enchanting novel.

The author of this work wants to write the story of a man who did not achieve something and was born again to achieve justice. The hero gets the opportunity to live his aspirations and enjoy life. Three years later, he found himself in the same situation in search of his true love.

An overview of the law of gross reincarnation:

In this webcomic series, the main characters are Yoo Jin Ah and Ha Jin Won. The author gives a very clear and concise explanation of their definitions. However, the sequence is so complex that even many people struggle to understand it. Dating your perfect daughter is the wish of our heroine Ha Jin Won. Unfortunately, the beautiful girl already has a boyfriend, and she politely refuses our hero.

An exciting journey has begun. Our hero has the power given to him by God after rejection. It can go back three years. He decided to follow his relatives and watch their movements. Moreover, three years ago, he tried to change the course of the scenario.

Kang Min Joon, a third-person magician, has now materialized. She hypnotizes our protagonist to draw him into a trap. Our protagonist, Ha Jin Won, is unable to escape Kang Min Joon, the evil wizard. He gradually lost his sincerity of repentance.

How do you interpret the law of reincarnation in Raw?

Law Online reincarnation resources for the raw webtoon manga are available. It is freely available to readers for their needs. It adapts to a wide range of formats, including online PDFs, eBooks, etc. There are also download options. If you are interested in reading this manga, go ahead and have fun.

Why read and for whom?

The comic is for people who love webtoon cartoons. Every manga fan will have to take a separate test on this law of raw reincarnation. Here you can enjoy made-up stories in which you can ride horses. You develop your thinking and creativity. Their ability to think and observe has improved.


Conclusion of the Law of Rebirth Love, passion, excitement and mystery abound in Manhwa Raw. The character play in the comic is too good. A love triangle is a distinctive feature. When it comes to understanding how things relate to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is the law of cruel reincarnation?

An example of a South Korean webtoon manga is The Law of Reincarnation Raws, which is illustrated with cartoon graphics.

  1. Where is the law of gross reincarnation to be found?

You can download eBooks from the internet or read the Law of Reincarnation Raws series online for free.

  1. What is the bend of the rough law of reincarnation?

Manhwa’s law of reincarnation focuses on rebirth, and in this story, the hero acquires a superpower that he used three years ago to change the past.

  1. Is it safe for our younger generation to read the law of reincarnation of raw manga?

For our younger generation, yes, it is safe. This webcomic does not include any adult material.

  1. How many episodes are there in this webtoon?

This manhwa webtoon has 24/25 chapter episodes.

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