organique hair: Why should you select natural hair?

Organique hair

Synthetic hair that closely resembles the look and feel of human hair is called organique hair. It comes in a range of hues and textures and is made of the finest A-fiber. Natural hair is frequently utilized for braids, extensions, and textures.



Why should you select natural hair?

There are numerous benefits to choosing organic hair over other synthetic hair varieties. Organic hair has a number of advantages, including:

This is remarkably accurate. The finest grade A fibers are used to create organic hair, which is then colored and styled to resemble human hair. Few people can identify the difference between organic hair and real human hair because it is so lifelike.
It is extremely robust. Organic hair is made to tolerate extreme fragility. With heat, it can be styled, painted, or bleached. With the right care, organic hair can survive for many years.

It is affordable. Anyone looking for high-quality synthetic hair that is also reasonably priced can choose organic hair. Realistic, sustainable, and far less expensive than real human hair is organic hair.


What is the origin of our human hair?

Human hair is essential for the most realistic appearance possible, and human hair extensions blend in beautifully with your own hair. Because they don’t know where human hair comes from, many individuals are wary of it and frequently feel uneasy. You can extend your hair with confidence knowing that it came from ethical sources and that it is of high quality. We shall go over the sources of and methods for obtaining our human hair below.

Why is human hair preferred over synthetic hair?


Because it produces realistic results, human hair is the most preferred option when it comes to extensions and wigs. These outcomes go well beyond the extension’s exterior because there is much more stylistic freedom. To style your long, delicious curls without harming the extension cord, use heating equipment carefully.

Where does genuine human hair originate?

We make a lot of effort to keep good ties with our hair suppliers, make sure they are paid properly, and make sure all of our hair is sourced responsibly. Around the world, hair extensions have grown in popularity, but where does real human hair come from and how does the industry keep up with demand?

By putting our relationships with suppliers at the heart of our business, we can ensure that they receive enough money to provide them with a source of income and decent wages. All of our hair is ethically sourced, and we are committed to following strict industry guidelines for hair production to ensure fairness and ethics at all levels of our supply chain. We do not support the use of underage workers, low-wage workers, or unethically acquired hair that has become commonplace in the industry.

How to Identify Your Hair Type: Get the Gorgeous Hair You Deserve

Understanding your hair and scalp types is the first step to living a healthy hair lifestyle. This information is crucial to understand because every hair and scalp is unique and requires special treatment. Don’t panic; not all hair is made equal. You can follow Agua de Cello’s directions.

In this blog, we break it up into two sections. We’ll discuss hair types and how to recognize them in Part 1 of this article. We’ll then examine hair texture (or how effectively your hair absorbs water) and scalp type in Part 2.

In order to leave for the journey to achieve the hair you deserve, grab some popcorn and get ready to discover something new.

What kind of hair do you have, and how can you tell?

Ever questioned why your hair is so dissimilar to that of your best friend? Alternatively, why doesn’t a shampoo your brother uses work for you? your hair types here There is a method to go wild even though these two hairs are different from one another. Your yarns’ hidden qualities, including their design, construction, and maintenance requirements, will be revealed.

The follicle is the focal point.

Everyone has a certain type of hair, similar to how their skin is. Which type of hair? I’m happy you inquired! It’s a term that refers to the thickness, pattern, and shape of your filaments.

The proverb “Everything starts from within” has definitely crossed your thoughts.
In regards to your hair, everything begins at the root. Your hair type is determined by the geometry of your hair follicle. Bouncy curls are caused by follicles that are oval or flat. Straight wires are provided to you by the sheaths. The strand’s thickness also has an impact on styling and maintenance options.The problem is that your hair just does not fall into one of these categories, and that is totally acceptable! Multiple hair textures are typical and attractive, especially when they are present in their natural state.

What kind of hair do you have, and how can you tell?

Let’s now discuss Andre Walker’s hair diagram, or styling system. It is a method of classifying hair based on its structure, form, and thickness using letters and numbers. Consider it to be your hair’s DNA. The type and width of the hair are denoted by numbers and letters in this method. There are between 1 to 4 hairs total, including 1 straight hair. Your strings’ width is denoted by the letters A, B, and C, where A stands for thin, B for medium, and C for thick.

How to calculate the density of hair
The game can now be played. here comes the flow test.

Conducting a thread test is a simple approach to determine the composition and thickness of your hair. Just measure the length of a sewing thread against a bit of hair that you pulled from a comb. Are your hair as thin as thread? So you’re good to go. Thick? You fall under the “Fats” category. It’s a quick and entertaining way to determine your hair type.

If you already know you’re pregnant, hope for a positive pregnancy test result.


Finally, keep in mind that choosing the right hairstyle is not about classifying your hair perfectly. Understanding your hair’s distinct properties, including its density, diameter, sieve, fat, elasticity, and moisture, is important. You can have healthy and lovely hair if you accept your hair type and give it the love it deserves.

You’ll know the answer the next time you wonder, “What’s my hair?” Also keep in mind that Agua’s cello led the way. Most importantly, they are aware of how to care for it. You may go less to pricey salons because of this, and your hair will become healthier from the inside out. We refer to that as hair enlightenment!

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