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The highlight of the evening was when the “Ninja Warrior” star defeated the gymnast in the “diving” competition.(RTL Turmspringe)


With amazing leaps, the third round of RTL Turmspringe Tower Diving comes to a close. Which celebrities were most moved by their performance, and who emerged victorious?
The third version of the RTL diving format was held on Friday night. Celebrities from Germany visited the chalkboard once more, hoping that their faces would not immediately come into contact with the water’s surface. This request was not entirely granted. Ultimately, of course, it was not just the injuries that needed to be bandaged; it was also the victorious winners. The anticipated crowd entered the stage.

In the individual category, excellent artist René Casselli could not be ignored again. Be it the winner of the obstacle course on “Ninja Warrior” or the “star of dance” in the dance competition “Let’s Dance,” which she won in 2022, she is accustomed to being at the top of the field. He defeated two more accomplished gymnasts, Fabian Hambüchen and Philippe Boi, at RTL Turm Jumping.

Casselli made two attempts at this; last year, he was determined to participate. The artist was hampered by a training accident, though, as both drums burst upon impact. For the driven 27-year-old, it’s finally a happy ending, although a year late.

“RTL Turmspringe”: The worst possible show

Since Sam Dylan considers himself a “true reality icon,” it goes without saying that he is a high diver. “Okay, I’m here, I need the money, but I also want to do my best,” he says. He claimed that working with the fairly pragmatic coach Jürgen was difficult. “I’m having trouble with a dominant role.” In addition, he is concerned about the injuries his forebears suffered when diving.

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One of them lost a breast implant while the other was left with just one egg following the prior height jump. I want to safely get out of this circumstance.”

While diving a year ago, reality TV personality Vanessa Mariposa burst her breast implant, and in 2022, Thorsten Legat hurt his testicles.

Jürgen, the jumping coach, makes a very rudimentary attempt to make Dylan’s challenge acceptable. “Then at least you’d be in the paper.” Dylan is still quite joyful. “Jesus Christ, jump, head first – it can’t be that hard.” Just before that, he gives himself a boost of confidence by saying, “I win the high jump in 2024 and others do it in a sporty way.”

Sam genuinely wants to jump straight away, but he initially stumbles and falls on his feet like a wet bag. Then he says, “I experienced a short circuit. I’m going to get sued by my coach.” Joking aside, moderator Laura Vontorra remarks, “There would have been more points for coming.” It receives zero points. Later, Zico and Paco succeed as well since they’re totally out of balance; however, Sam ought to have been in the negative area.

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Who had to take the unfortunate punch to the stomach, and who made an impression with a skillful leap? The winners of the third “RTL Diving” event were these exceptional athletes.

He was once again unable to exceed the exceptional artist René Casselly (27), in the individual category. She is accustomed to coming out on top at the conclusion of a task, whether it is as the class winner on “Ninja Warrior” or as a “dance star” after winning “Let’s Dance” in 2022. He outperformed two other seasoned coaches, Fabian Hambüchen (36) and Philipp Boy (36), in “RTL Diving”.

Casselly made two attempts because he was determined to race the previous year. But the performer was forced to retire due to a training accident that caused both of his drums to explode in an impact. After a year, the 27-year-old’s happy ending has finally arrived.

Double Ninja overcomes Double Kasalla in “RTL Turmspringe”

Speaking of the second try, on Friday night there was also a double match involving an injured amateur diver. Among those who have dared to take on this challenging task are Thorsten (55 years old) and Nico Legat (25 years old). Despite Legat’s unfortunate accident at the 2022 World Cup, where he failed to land a training jump from a three-meter board and tore one of his testicles, he had to be removed!

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Of course, it would be impossible to accuse the legate of lacking guts. But, it was insufficient to win with his son since, throughout the evening, Ada Tailken and Benny Grams’ doubles proved to be too formidable. Along with Casselli, the two Ninja Warrior stars completed the winning ninja trifecta.

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