Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23

Many of us are looking for a novel or comic to read, some readers find it useful and others find it interesting. Comics are the ultimate pleasure of reducing time in your free time, as you can only read them easily if you understand the scene of the entire picture.
Similarly, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 is the most popular comic book of recent years. The story spans 23 chapters, and Chapter 23 grabs viewers’ attention.

In the previous chapter 22, the protagonist, Ye Tzu, meets her long-lost father after a long period of 10 years. However, she was surprised when she met her father, who denied that he was her father. Her enemy, Gu Qingyu, later captured the grieving Ye Zi.

Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23

Summary of Secretly Cultivate Chapter 23

Chapter 23 is the climax of the story when we see that the protagonist, Lin Jiacheng, has been secretly cultivating his desire to become a god for thousands of years. His wish comes true when he finally fulfills his wish. After approaching his target, he was suddenly attacked by his rival (evil spirit) nemesis Zhou Tong. The spirit hid in his son’s body for many years and later took possession of his son’s body to prevent Lin from becoming a god.

Record Of The Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

Xuan Zi’s fight against the Demon Lord was a turning point in history. However, Xuan Zi gained a deeper understanding of herself and what it is like to be human, and this is an important moment for her.

At that time, Xuan Zi lived as an immortal cultivator. But he soon realized that more needed to be done besides farming. To understand what it’s like to be human, he needs to understand life, love, and loss. Coming back to the dominion of demons, the demonic influence was a strong and difficult enough opponent to fight. In addition, Xuan Zi faced the demon and finally defeated the demon lord.

The scene changed when the fight ended, Xuan was unconscious. After hearing this, Xuan was still not happy and felt an emptiness in her heart.She is troubled by the fact that she is a warrior and needs to change and eliminate a violent part of her life.

After defeating the demon, Xuan realized the beauty of man and the complexity that humans face. She had also secured her place as the most powerful breeder in the world.

Other Roles

Xing Hongxuan: She is the first woman to appear in the novel who develops deep feelings for Han Jue through acts of service and devotion in different lives, which eventually leads to the conception of a special child.

Xuan Qingjun: She is a talented cultivator with an innate Dao heart, hides her true identity as the mortal body of a demon lord, and travels around the world to strengthen Dao’s heart. She falls in love with Han Jue, her partner in the Tao, and embarks on various adventures.

Qing Luan’er: This is a woman who started as a maid in Han Jue’s house, eventually married him, and together started a family in the mortal world. After her death, Han Jue preserves her soul and later brings it back to life.

the flower of veneration chapter 1

Fairy Xi Xuan: The story revolves around a woman who is the first woman to remain indifferent to Han Jue’s appearance.

Liyao: She is a diligent cultivator with a temperament similar to Han Jue, rose through the ranks of the Hidden Sect, eventually became Han Jue’s fourth wife, and bore him a third son.

You can read about what happened in chapter 23 of the book “Higher Providence, Cultivate Secretly for a Thousand Years.”

Guardians of the Forbidden City

However, the Forbidden City was not without guards. Deep in the depths, Li Wei encountered the fearsome Porter, an immortal being who is said to guard the city’s secrets. The bouncer, dressed in ancient armor, possessed immense power that corresponded to the legends that surrounded this unusual place.

What followed was a test of strength and dexterity as Li Wei came face to face with the gatekeeper in a battle of epic proportions. Their clash echoed through the halls, shaking the foundations of the Forbidden City. But Li Wei’s determination, forged through centuries of cultivation, proved unwavering. With each stroke, he called upon his inner strength and went beyond his limits.

After a grueling confrontation, Li Wei finally emerged victorious. The concierge, impressed by his unwavering spirit, once again paid tribute to his opponent. Recognizing Li Wei’s unwavering devotion to the cultivation path, the concierge presented him with a key, an artifact that would open the city’s most sacred space.

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Hall of Eternal Wisdom

Guided by the Key, Li Wei traveled deep into the heart of the Forbidden City and discovered the Room of Eternal Wisdom. Bathed in celestial splendor, the room contained the collective knowledge and experience of countless immortals seeking enlightenment within the sacred walls.

In this sacred space, Li Wei communicated with the spirits of the old masters, absorbed their wisdom and gained a deep understanding of the nature of the universe. He plunged into the depths of the celestial realms and revealed the secrets of immortality and the cultivation of his own divine essence.


In the chapter “23,000 Years of Secretly Cultivate,” we learned about Xuan Zi’s difficulties after she was rejected by her father, and we also noticed how she struggled with her spirit and destroyed his rule. Having overcome the negative forces, he turned to the search for humanity and the problems that a person faces, as well as the appearance of a person.

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